Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mini art collage notecards.

I really never know what to say in times of crisis and great sadness. So I quietly work out the frustration and hopelessness of the situation with my hands, creating art. I felt like I needed to do something to heal, to help and to hope. So a few weeks prior to the benefit I mention in the post just before this one, I organized an day at my house for a few of my artist friends. With the foder of many clippings, paint, charcoal, pastel, paper and Sally Jean's book "Pretty Little Things", we created a series of cards for the silent auction. The cards turned out great and every artist thanked me for the inspiring day of collaging and fun. A special thanks to Renee, Suzanne, Wenday, Joyce and Kathy. Here is a picture of our creations.

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red tin heart said...

These are fantastic!!! xo Nita