Sunday, January 20, 2008

procrastination pays off - sometimes.

Finished! Wow, I have been working on this piece for a while. Okay, it's been on my bench in a semi-finished state for a while is more like it. This bracelet called "Anything but Square" is a commissioned piece for a dear customer/friend's very dear friend. I wanted it to be different and reflect her personality. And before this week, it just didn't seem right. I almost just put a clasp on it and sent it before Christmas, but something made me second guess that decision. And I'm glad I did. After taking it apart at least twice, melting and destroying a few components in the process - it's finally what I envisioned. Procrastination I think is a enemy of many artists, but in this case I'm really glad I waited until the moment was right. I hope my patient customer is as happy as I am with the final results.