Monday, March 31, 2008

Creation Inspired by Mornings on the Lake

Here is another mixed media and Precious Metal Clay creation. "Tranquil Sunrise" was inspired by my longing for our visits to the summer house Up North on the Lake. Even though I know winter is still in the air in Wisconsin and snow is most likely still on the ground - I dream of the early spring mornings when the pale silvery peach sun rises and reflects over the dark teal green water promising a beautiful day.

As an artist, I attempt to bring my unrelenting curiosity for new things to life in a myriad of ways. Mixed media fosters that creativity. Each of my artistic disciplines inspires ideas for the others. In this piece - ”Tranquil Sunrise” - a ring made from Precious Metal Clay, mixed media art and resin, I have created a wearable painting of the beauty of nature. In this piece as well as others in this series, I’m trying to give a sense of warmth, a place of belonging and a vision of personality to the small wearable canvas.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beauty, not without consequence

The name of my latest mixed media bracelet creation is "Beauty, Not Without Consequence" It reads : "I would have sent roses, but you were bothered by the thorns" And thanks to my dear friend Suzanne's encouragement, has been completed in time to submit to the Art Inspired by Nature exhibit that will be at the Fine Line Art Center starting April 18th. I have read something similiar to this saying a while ago. I love the truthfulness in the words. I think it relates to many things in nature and in life. You must accept them both, otherwise you might not have either.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Goal. Focus.

Revisit, refine and remember my creative voice.

This week I'm working with a sketch that keeps coming up in my doodles. Looking closer, the doodle reminds me of scattered longstem roses. I've done a print technique working with these doodles on a large scale. Actually creating my doodles in glue, letting it dry, applying ink from acryllic and stamping ink, burnishing the print onto watercolor paper, pulling the print and adding detail with watercolor.
The second illustration, I started a while ago, but will be part of a charm and jewelry series.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Try, TRY AGAIN - a 21 DAY challenge

Okay, I realize there are many challenges out there, but I tried my first one last fall. I was a newbie to the last 21 Day Challenge from Rhonnadesigns. And I believe, as usual, I took on too many challenges. Which is a reoccurring problem. So try, try again. My everyday challenge is FOCUS. I feel I have so many passions, commitments and general LIFE. I get overwhelmed. But interesting enough I have TWO submission deadlines, one 3-21 (the last of the 21 days) and one the 29th (about a week after). These are personal artistic goal deadlines, the ones that seem to get pushed when life gets crazy. My goal is to have artwork (FOCUSED artwork) for these submissions. Thank you Rhonna for the inspiration, reassurance and your "voice".