Saturday, March 1, 2008

Try, TRY AGAIN - a 21 DAY challenge

Okay, I realize there are many challenges out there, but I tried my first one last fall. I was a newbie to the last 21 Day Challenge from Rhonnadesigns. And I believe, as usual, I took on too many challenges. Which is a reoccurring problem. So try, try again. My everyday challenge is FOCUS. I feel I have so many passions, commitments and general LIFE. I get overwhelmed. But interesting enough I have TWO submission deadlines, one 3-21 (the last of the 21 days) and one the 29th (about a week after). These are personal artistic goal deadlines, the ones that seem to get pushed when life gets crazy. My goal is to have artwork (FOCUSED artwork) for these submissions. Thank you Rhonna for the inspiration, reassurance and your "voice".

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