Friday, May 30, 2008

Self protrait collaboration effort

Another fun collaborative effort from the collage sisthars collaborative. A skinny sisthar book. 22 artist will create a 23 self portraits, to be exchanged at our June 27th meeting. Each contributor will get one illustration from each person and a final piece will be exhibited at the "Women of Inspiration" show at the Northwest Cultural Council in Palatine.
I'm excited to report that I cut down all my paper today! And even some extras (I learned from the charm swap, that it's better to have a little room for error or lame ones)
I know it's not much progress, but for me (I LOVE Paper) it's everything. I just about used anything I had with a deckle edge. Beautiful hand made papers and water color papers. Cut all the pages to reflect the wonderfully imperfect deckle edges.
They will all be different. at least I hope so. I'm most likely going to do an ink illustration, then gocco it, then paint and collage over it. The gocco is only 4 X 6 and the finished skinny book size is 4 X 8- so I'm not sure how I'm going to work the extra space. I'll post the progress, or atleast the outcome here.

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