Sunday, June 15, 2008

spoken truth series

This year I challenged myself to create everyday, and as a graphic designer, making jewelry, painting/creating collages, I have been happy with my progress. But, I counted my projects this weekend - I have no less than 9 projects out on my many desks, started and in various stages of incompletion. And countless others in drawers, cabinets and written in sketch books. But now, I'm making another commitment to find my true artistic voice in a evolution of completed works. A series I'm calling 52 spoken truths. The inspiration for these works are the words and sayings of the people that matter most in my life. My daughter, my Mother and ancestors, loved ones (past and present) and my own journal entries. I have been inspired by many artists that create daily paintings or complete 21 day challenges. But my hopefully achievable goal is to complete a piece of artwork a week that reflects a "spoken truth" of the people and places around me. The image above is of a collage page in an altered encyclopedia swap. But I've also used this statement for other personal work. I believe it's an appropriate start to this series, which is a journal to finding my voice, focusing my work and singing my song. good luck to everyone that is also trying to reach their goals by establishing achievable steps.

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Julia Lundman said...

omg cheryl! it's great to hear frm you! please contact

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