Wednesday, July 23, 2008

healing heart

week 6 - spoken truth "Buzy hands help heal a heavy heart" - the piece above is entitled "the healing muze". One of my earliest postings was explaining how creating something with my hands helps me cope with serious tragedies around me. This piece is dedicated and will be given to my sister-in-law's mother. Who is fighting thyriod cancer. I know she will be okay. But I wish she wouldn't have such a hard path in front of her. The cure is often worse than the sickness itself. She is so spirited and truly a wonderful person. If only that was enough, then many friends and family members would have not left this earth before. My heart goes out to everyone that is fighting their battles, I hope the healing begins for all.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Roll with the Punches

week 5 - okay, I kinda glanced over week four, but I'll try to catch up. Here is the spoken truth "take chances and roll with the punches" - a phrase my Dad always says. This bracelet is called "At Play" it was started from components I made at the Bead and Button Workshop I attended the beginning of June. The instructor/artist - Susan Lenart-Kazmer was amazing. I originally wasn't going to go to the Bead and Button show this year (just too much to do) but I went onto the B&B blog and saw a post from a lady that was trying to sell her ticket. Unfortunately she was in an accident a few days prior and wasn't up to the class. So after running around getting the ticket and with only 24 hours to prepare, I was off to Milwaukee. And I'm so glad I took that chance. "At Play" is a symbol of how not to take life so seriously, enjoy and make best with what you have. But more so, try not to hesitate, take chances, seize opportunities and roll with the punches.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

short attention span

I was catching up on my podcast listening this week. Craftcast with Alison Lee is one of my favorites. She was talking to her guest, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and asked the question, "how many projects is she working on at the moment?" And instead of answering her directly, she explained that she has many and "It's not a moral failing to have a short attention span" Isn't that a perfect affirmation. It's permission and acknowledgment that as artists we have many projects started, and that's okay. If you have been following my blog a bit, I've started a series called 52 spoken truths. But I haven't posted yet this week, I'm working on it and that's okay. I'll get there. So how many projects do you have started?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

keep reaching

week 3- spoken truth series. Whew! Finished these Friday night. 23 of the skinny portrait pages for the Collage Sisthars swap. This portrait symbolizes me and my thoughts and goals. A young girl reaching for the sun – or her bright future. She is teetering on a stack of rocks – her passions and acquired knowledge – as she is reaching and extending towards good things to come. I used many techniques on this mixed-media piece. Deckle edged paper, hand made stamp background, original illustration, then gocco on vellum, paint, color pencil, some mixed media paper, sewed the vellum, grommet a painted flower, tied on a charm and poof! done. Hope the sisthars enjoy them. The group is truly talented, I can't wait to swap and bind my book. Here's all of them: