Tuesday, July 1, 2008

keep reaching

week 3- spoken truth series. Whew! Finished these Friday night. 23 of the skinny portrait pages for the Collage Sisthars swap. This portrait symbolizes me and my thoughts and goals. A young girl reaching for the sun – or her bright future. She is teetering on a stack of rocks – her passions and acquired knowledge – as she is reaching and extending towards good things to come. I used many techniques on this mixed-media piece. Deckle edged paper, hand made stamp background, original illustration, then gocco on vellum, paint, color pencil, some mixed media paper, sewed the vellum, grommet a painted flower, tied on a charm and poof! done. Hope the sisthars enjoy them. The group is truly talented, I can't wait to swap and bind my book. Here's all of them:

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Sue said...

Those are beautiful! I look forward to seeing your bound book in person sometime soon!