Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Women of Inspirations Artist Reception

I've been scrambling a bit this last week, finishing a Mixed-Media Collage entry for "Women of Inspirations" show at the Palatine Cultural Center. I'll have only the one piece and a collaborative effort that will be on exhibit. But there are so many talented artists in the group, I'm sure it will be a nice exhibit.
This collaborative exhibit of work from the Collage Sisthars and the Book & Paper Arts Guild is dedicated to our mothers, sisters, daughters, and all women who have reached their personal greatness.

The artist reception is Saturday, August 23 - between 2-4.
Northwest Cultural Council is located at 500 N. Hicks Road, Ste 120 - Palatine, IL 60067. ph # 847-991-7966. The exhibition is August 19 - September 23.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Delicate Distruction

One of my many passions is gardening. I'm not fanatic about it, but I do enjoy watching my plants and trees grow and intermingle, year to year. After an extended weekend a few weeks ago, I noticed my beloved River Birch leaves looked all brown on the backside. I thought it might need water, but upon further inspection, I noticed thousands of japanese beetles (shown above inhabiting my oriental lily) have made my tree their home. I was so disappointed and wanted them away at all costs. But even as gross as they were (procreating in my tree!) They left behind a delicate lacy leaf. Evidently the veins of the leaves were too tough even with their ravenous appetite. It inspired my next piece for the spoken truth series. "See beauty in all things".

This necklace and earrings were created from the skeletons of the River Birch leaves. I encased the leaves with fine silver and for the earrings layered a resin coated lacy leaf to create "Delicate Destruction". I hope you also try to see the beauty in nature, no matter what the cost.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Homage to my Glamorous Grandmother

I was planning a different entry for this week but instead of rushing to finish my piece, I'll share this page from my encyclopedia swap with the Sisthars Collaborative
While talking to my Mom this weekend, getting some information to finish my altered encyclopedia page for the letter g, paying homage to a beautiful picture of my "glamorous grandmother"- I asked if this was her high school picture, my Mom reminded me that my grandmother only attended school to the 8th grade. She quit to go to work to help the family (like many young people did during the depression). But later she attended and graduated from beauty school. She never was a practicing beautician, instead met my grandfather and started a family. But she renewed her license every year.
So here is the spoken truth. "Knowledge, pride and accomplishments are worth more than any stock you might have. They don't depreciate either. An investment in yourself is always wise."