Wednesday, April 8, 2009

parallels, patterns, passions and prizes

I love parallels, connections, little nuances that weave through our everyday lives. Patterns that appear and reappear to nudge you as if to say, "yes, this way".
Sometimes I feel as if I'm a bit all over the place and it hasn't taken some time to be able to embrace the feeling as more than a "fault". But as I embrace all my passions, patterns start to emerge. I was reading the current HOW Magazine for my "day job" as a designer and I was pleased to realize I must be normal. The notion of the many outlets an artist needs to feed their passions. Collage, print making, painting and on my list PMC (precious metal clay). Projects to revive and recharge the creative spirit. There is also an article on stencilling (which I'm taking an online class with Dispatch From LA/ Pure Experimentation Stencilry starting this week. You should check it out. I'll be posting my experiments in the upcoming weeks. As I read in my Design Trade Magazine, I began an ah-ha moment. I'm not alone in my many passions and endeavors as I sometimes think. The best part of me are the pieces that happen to come together in my creations. I highly recommend picking up the current Creativity Issue of HOW Magazine – if your an artist, designer or anyone that could use a bit of creative recharge.

Oh, lastly the Prize! It's a giveaway. Not by me just yet (but I think I might follow suit shortly) but one of my fellow Etsy Metal Clay team members Lora Hart. Go to her site and leave a comment. You just might win a beautiful piece of her jewelry. Congratulations on your Blogversary, Lora!

Now off to my studio to put some of this energy to good use. Have a creative day.