Saturday, May 30, 2009

whooo - hooo

a prolific Saturday working with my many favorite mediums - paint, stencils, ink, PMC, thread. Oh yes I was all over today. Starting with an outstanding creative gathering with the Collage Sisthars. Follow with some lovely "alone time" in the workshop, working on samples for this week's class of "Want More PMC" at the Fine Line, to finishing my ATC for the CMP exchange- launch word - choices. As one of my fellow sisthars Linda said, as I was frolicking through the grass at the Fine Line after some crazy stencilry - "Cherylyn is sure happy today" --- and indeed it was hard to keep my excitement from pouring out. And as a topper, a bit of grilling, chatting with friends and a few drinks - what a lovely day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

local library loot

It's a rainy day, so Lauren and I decided to terrorize the local library. I'm sure they were glad to see us leave. A three-year is sure busy!
But as an added bonus, there was a book sale. I got all these Gems for $2.50. A series of Disney books (circa 1980 - they had newer ones, but these spoke to me), Wynken, Blyken and Nod (that I vaguely remember, but can't wait to read) a pop-up Rapuzel, a beautiful German book that I originally picked up for it's lovely orange cover and ornate spine, ended up with an added bonus - a hand embroidered bookmark tucked inside. Hmmm... I think we all could use a few more delicately appointed, personalized bookmarks, don't you? And the piece of resistance! Happy Origami books, bond by string with actual paper origami pieces tacked in through out, let alone the wonderful illustration of the mermaid, I could have just squealed. But at last, it was a library, so I just grinned from ear to ear instead. I hope your day or weekend is filled with unexpected charms.

Monday, May 4, 2009

short bursts

When I received this month's inspiration word "burst" from the Creative Mom Podcast ATC exchange, it was still cold and miserable here. But as always, my crocus' reminded me of the spring that will soon come. I took a picture and the very next day, it snowed. A heavy wet snow, making this burst of sunshine, whither and wilt. A little reminder that to seize the short bursts of love, life, happiness, sunshine when they are with us. Relish in the here and now. Tomorrow has it's own possibilities.
Have a sunshiny Spring.