Wednesday, June 10, 2009

bronzclay - i'm smitten

I had the lovely opportunity to take a workshop with Celie Fago this weekend at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee. Ring Relics in BronzClay. What a great class. Above is the final result. I happy with it for now, but I plan on refined the design and working a bit on a series in this style. It's a little different than what Celie demonstrated, after reviewing my sketchbook, I noticed I've been thinking about this for awhile.

I wasn't sure if I would like the new bronzclay. I've played with it a bit but really didn't sink my teeth into it's possibilities. Now with the knowledge of it's possibilities and limitations, I can see I'm really going to like working with this new medium. It feels more like clay and carves beautifully. Since the price is a bit more reasonable, I felt confident to try out my new design.
This is what I originally what I came up with. I didn't finish the piece because I didn't have enough flame power to do the little balls on the headpin. Then when I tried to take out my "temporary" stamen, I broke off the little flower on top. Hence the final piece, shown first has the collection of beads at the top.

Here's the other ring. It's reminiscent of something from whoville, don't you think?
If you are in the area, Raku Days at the Fine Line is this weekend. I will be playing around with the bronze clay and showing the attendees a few things I learned.

The show was great. It was hard to remind myself that I went with a budget in mind, but here is a few new finds I'll be incorporating into my work soon.
Have an inspired day!

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Ruth said...

Love that ring in the first photo. Glad you like the bronzclay.... I tried it when it first came out but found it too unpredictable. Just tried Hadar's but I'm not a convert...yet.....