Wednesday, July 29, 2009

all about process

I must admit I’m all about the process rather than the finished product. Sometimes to a fault. so much in fact that I probably have no less than 20 projects in some state of incompletion right now. But once in a while I do finish - a deadline is a good thing for me. Even if I might still be late on the final product. A deadline was one of the reasons I started an ATC exchange with the CMP. This month’s theme was ingredients. I thought I’d share the process.
First, I’ll start with a bit of thanks to Sara, our fearless leader of the Collage Sisthars Collaborative and Mary Ann Moss from Dispatch from LA for showing me most of these techniques and fostering my passion for quick backgrounds and the fun of stencils and spray paint.
I started with watercolor paper and applied tube watercolor paint directly onto the paper. I used cadium yellow, yellow orche, a bit of sap green and some cobalt violet. Some of the paper already had a bit of color on it, and I just went right over it. Next with a credit card I scrap at the paint to cover the whole surface. As almost always I feel the need to have a bit of explanation on my ATCs - my thought for ingredients was Life and Lemons.

I had a few sketches for this idea. I enlarged the sketch to fit on the ATC (2.5 X 3.5). I cut out a few cards, or you can leave this step for last. Here’s the fun part, well fun if you like tedious cutting with an exacto.

I placed my copy on a stiff card stock the same size as the ATC and tacked it down with a glue stick. just enough so it wouldn’t slip as I was cutting. Using the sketch as a guide I cut around the lemons. Now with my little stencil ready I’m off to my makeshift spray booth (a box from the local grocery store) outside.

You’ll notice a few bubbles in my spray paint, it began drizzling as I was spraying, but I don’t mind the effect. I used yellow short cuts spray paint from Hobby Lobby - you could use more than one color or even another stencil if you like to create more depth.

I see now that some of my background worked better than other against the yellow lemon stencil. Now I cut down all the cards that weren’t cut to size. I went ahead and inked in the rest of the card using colored Sharpies and a white paint pen. Using a white, orange and green for the lighter cards and black for the darker ones.

Here are the finished cards. Hope you enjoy all you creative processes like I do, but it’s so fulfilling to finish, too.


renee said...

these are gorgeous Cherylyn! I want you to teach me this stuff...

Anonymous said...

very cool!