Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blessed day

She never realized how Lucky she was until she counted her blessings one by one
just a few of today's blessings:
peace and quiet: waking up after a peaceful slumber
gratitude: flowers fresh cut from my garden
song and celebration: a birthday serenade from my spirited entertainer
thoughtfulness: a lovely birthday gift from my husband, frugal yet priceless
friends: an email box overflowing with b-day wishes from friends and family
indulgences: breakfast with my lovely sister at one of my favs Burnt Toast
giving: reviewing changes for an invitation I'm designing for the Literacy Connection
talent: creating and loving it
time: a good nap taken by my 3 year old, so I can have time to create
love: kisses from my husband
sweetness: a wonderful dinner at Nikos, complete with the biggest piece of yummy Carrot Cake I've ever seen (on the house, bonus)
Thank you for sharing in my lovely day.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday!