Monday, August 31, 2009

neglected nuances

One of my many passions is gardening – nurturing the flowers, planning the beds, transplanting. Always mystified by the magic of one little seed to flourish. I'm not very fussy about it. I take it all in stride - a sensibility derived from my mother. But this no nonsense approach has been borderline neglect this year. I haven't had much time to spend weeding, watering or pruning. This past Saturday I shut down my life for awhile and spent over 4 hours weeding. My poor neglected garden has been overrun with the critters. As a result, I was graced with the image above. This sticker bush was about 6 feet tall with a trunk about an inch in diameter. But, I try to enjoy the moments for what they are, for a sticker bush, it's pretty beautiful.
If you noticed I enhanced it's beauty a bit by playing with the image in photoshop, (read on for more info and a link to a great tutorial) I must have a bit of green thumb despite my unknown efforts, as seen here.
and here.
I know my weeding is not really done, but at least it's manageable now.
And I can enjoy a few fruits of my ummm... labor? homemade sauce and pico de gallo. Both terrifically yummy. Fresh from my garden.
} As promised, a bit of info on the photo manipulation. I love the vintage flair that Susan Tuttle adds to her photos. True mastery. She has an online course that I'm dying to try called Visual Poetry - the name alone makes me swoon. But I did a bit of surfing and found a plethora of information on retro photoshop "filtery" - yes I'm making up words - at Smashing Magazine (LOVE this blog/resource)
Here's a little before and after. And here is the link to the vintage photo tutorial I followed, using Adobe Photoshop and adjustment filters.Oh, I definitely need to explore this more.
} p.s. - a little secret to those of you that were patient enough to read this whole post. A little giveaway will be coming soon. So stay tuned!
} Hope you try to enjoy each moment for what it is.

whoa is me - of the computer variety

Sorry I have been so delinquent to my blog posting. I have a bit of bad news to report. My computer is out-of-order. The hard drive on my Mac fails to boot and I have lost a ton of pictures and work from January 2009 and maybe before. The lost of data upsets me more than the thought of buying a new computer. So everyone, take note make time to back up your information, because once it's gone (in the digital world) it's gone. So looking on the brighter side, I'll get to play with my new camera and reshoot all my jewelry for my etsy shop. My boss has graciously allowed me to use my work computer at home on occasion. So very grateful. And I guess I'll have to save my pennies and do my research. I believe there is a new computer in my future.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

as promised

The judge and winners of the Art on Main Art Show a few weekends ago. The lovely judge, Marsha Newkirk, 1st place Debbie Jirck (clay sculpture), 2nd place - Karen Lenhart (water color) and me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

kudos from my home away from home

Wow, another wonderful show. Last weekend I took my show on the road to my weekend getaway place, Three Lakes WI. I normally go UpNorth to relax with family and do some quiet creating, but this time I decided to enter the Art on Main artshow. I'm so glad I did. Not only did I get to meet a bunch of wonderful people. They all seemed to love my creations, it was a wonderful day. But the icing on the cake was when I was presented a third place ribbon for my creations and space (conveniently shown backwards in the only photo I took, err). I also had the pleasure of meeting a few of the Northwoods Art Gypsies, the lovely Debra of Circle of Life Studio won first place, really inspired me with her birdhouses. And the watercolors of the second place winner (I need to research her info and will post it) were so full of life. I'm honored to be among these talented women. Thank you.

{ps - this post is a bit tardy. I'm currently mending my sick computer and posting when I can on what I can. Hopefully I'll get this fixed soon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

just a few things

} coffee or tea on my back porch in the morning
} a good cry while watching a movie about dying too young on a rainy Sunday afternoon
} watching butterflies and the occasional humming bird - how fast their wings go without seemingly getting anywhere... hmmm
} little confirmation on my intuitive hunches
} friendships that are sometimes quiet, but always deep
I hope you have a lovely day.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

they liked me, they really liked me

I'm awe struck. I'm showing my latest creations at the Art and Soul on the Fox Show this weekend. I was elated to receive a ribbon for my artistry, only 7 of the 70 artists received this recognition. After a very blustery, rainy day with a few challenges this was just the encouragement I needed. Thank you to all that weathered the storm and kept me company. Now what I really need is sleep, so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood.