Monday, August 31, 2009

neglected nuances

One of my many passions is gardening – nurturing the flowers, planning the beds, transplanting. Always mystified by the magic of one little seed to flourish. I'm not very fussy about it. I take it all in stride - a sensibility derived from my mother. But this no nonsense approach has been borderline neglect this year. I haven't had much time to spend weeding, watering or pruning. This past Saturday I shut down my life for awhile and spent over 4 hours weeding. My poor neglected garden has been overrun with the critters. As a result, I was graced with the image above. This sticker bush was about 6 feet tall with a trunk about an inch in diameter. But, I try to enjoy the moments for what they are, for a sticker bush, it's pretty beautiful.
If you noticed I enhanced it's beauty a bit by playing with the image in photoshop, (read on for more info and a link to a great tutorial) I must have a bit of green thumb despite my unknown efforts, as seen here.
and here.
I know my weeding is not really done, but at least it's manageable now.
And I can enjoy a few fruits of my ummm... labor? homemade sauce and pico de gallo. Both terrifically yummy. Fresh from my garden.
} As promised, a bit of info on the photo manipulation. I love the vintage flair that Susan Tuttle adds to her photos. True mastery. She has an online course that I'm dying to try called Visual Poetry - the name alone makes me swoon. But I did a bit of surfing and found a plethora of information on retro photoshop "filtery" - yes I'm making up words - at Smashing Magazine (LOVE this blog/resource)
Here's a little before and after. And here is the link to the vintage photo tutorial I followed, using Adobe Photoshop and adjustment filters.Oh, I definitely need to explore this more.
} p.s. - a little secret to those of you that were patient enough to read this whole post. A little giveaway will be coming soon. So stay tuned!
} Hope you try to enjoy each moment for what it is.

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