Thursday, September 10, 2009

charmed, i'm sure

The EtsyMetalClay team held a charm swap. Here is my contribution, doesn't it look like a tapestry of goodness? These are made from BronzClay, mixed-media collage and resin. I love this type of collaboration, I'm so lucky to be involved with such a talented group of people and I'm anticipating the lovely pieces of art to arrive next week. Today, was the due date! Finally received my jumprings, so Teresa, they are in the mail.

What I especially love, is the team all agreed to make one extra charm that will be used to create a charm bracelet that will be donated to a charity. The Andruzzi Foundation is the charity we chose. They have a live auction to raise money and the proceeds to use towards cancer research, which is dear many hearts in the group.

But I also wanted to thank all you that read my posts and have encouraged me along the way. So I would like to give a similar charm to a few lucky readers as a token of my appreciation.

Here are the Giveaway rules:
1} Please post one comment to this blog, that includes a word that describes your personality, outlook on life or any other word that is meaningful to you. Just be aware that it needs to be pretty short to fit on the half inch charm.
2} give me a color combination and I'll try my best to fit it into the mixed media piece. (ie. cool tones, warm tones, blues, tuscan, neutral) Your charm will have a jump ring so it can be easily added to a charm bracelet or strung on a cord for a necklace.
3} After a week, so next Thursday, I'll will announce the 3 winners. (update: I've been away at a conference, so I'll take entries until Friday at midnight and I'll announce the winners Saturday, September 19)
} One entry per person please ;)
if you are having technical challenges posting, I will except an email note)
Thanks again to everyone. This weekend I'll post the process on how these charms are made. Good luck.


LindaKay said...

Wow! I'm first : )

What a nice giveaway. And with that new bronze clay. I can't wait to see what it looks and feels like.

I am hopeful and love purple and green together. Warm and cool, but somewhat earthy.

<3 U ! Linda K

David E. Tedeschi said...

Cheryl, these look fantastic. You are truly talented,..and I’m not just saying that so that I win your contest!

Personality: Boundless
Colors: I love blues with hints of red and white.

Cherylyn said...

via, facebook: your charms are charming! my word is "play" and i'm fond of copper, rust, burnt orange. --jean b.

Cherylyn said...

via facebook: color really Cheryl, how about fall colors red & yellow, and my word would be Humble - Charmaine

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

wow this is SO cool! what a totally awesome idea!!!

Personality: shy, giddy, and delusional

Colors: pink!

Sandy said...

The charms are gorgeous! Love the mixture of colors. My personality word is blessed. My colors and warm or bright. Your choice! if I am lucky enough to be a winner. Thanks for the generous offer.

Cherylyn said...

via email : howdy friend, first of all thankyou for allowing those of us who are "computer drop-outs" another venue for entering your contest. secondly, i urge you to think about using the super charm idea on some of your jewelry. earrings ! pendents ! bracelets ! thirdly, down to contest business---- my word (wow--hard to pick just one) would be INTEGRITY. if that's too long then how about, JUSTICE. -- kathleen

Cherylyn said...

via facebook: I am absolutely "Blog challenged" My word is "Greatful" .. Cannot wait to see all your beautiful work in person... Continue with your dreams and creativity.
Love, Aunt Donna..... blues and browns....

Sue said...

These are gorgeous!

Word: optimist.
Colors: anything BRIGHT -- maybe orange (I like how the fall colors look with the copper).

Denise said...

These are so beautiful!!

Inspire and be inspired, I'm happiest when I'm doing either. Love warm, rich colors... think Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico. :)

Win or loose... I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Paula B said...

Cherylyn - the charms are lovely! I truly enjoyed reading the process. You're amazing!

Word: Love or Caring
Colors: I love purple, and blues

JENZ said...

Hey C-lyn! How inspiring and beautiful! Love the contest idea!

Burgundy/reddish tones and orange in the spirit of fall, oh and my word is
sparkling ;}

Julia said...

These are great! Great idea!

Word: peace

Colors: coppery colors

It's A Jaime Thing said...

Yay! These charms are so much fun, will you be adding them to your Etsy shop too?

Personality: STRONG
Colors: Warm Reds

Thank you!
~Jaime ;)

Nicole Taylor Photography said...

My friend Jamie told me about your blog. I have to say I love the idea of your charms. Well done.

In the spirit I'm going to join in on your contest.

STRONG - that would be me.
I love blues ,silvers and lavanders

Tejae Floyde said...

very lovely charms. Thanks for explaining the process. Looks like a fun project to do!


Cojack said...

A coworker referred me to your blog. Lovely charms; I can't wait to read more. I would love a SASSY charm in mysterious blues.

JD said...

Nice! This would be something cute to include in my bridal bouquet.

Word: Breathe

Colors: Sage or Burgundy

PDX Bride said...

My word: strong
Colors: blues and purples

I really love the charms!!

Egater said...

I hope it still open :) I would love to have this beauty :)
Word : friendly
colors:green and pink

A Lee said...

Pink - Peach

A Lee said...

btw thank you for this inspiring give-away. i love things like this, so I hope i get my love charm....
very original

sara jane said...

Gorgeous charms!
Sassy; Green (but of course!) and copper. Man, you are really tempting me with that Bronzclay!

Sharon said...

Great idea, very cool!

My word is optimism and colors would be cool.

Sarah said...

The charms are beautiful Cheryl, you are a very talented person.

Word: Strength
Colors: Warm

Peggy Wilkinson said...

I love this giveaway!

My word is playful in teal and blues!

Lindsay's 4 legged friends! said...

I love these! So creative!

WORD: Family (Because family means so much to me and I can't wait to start one of my own!)

colors: Any colors that are in fall. Warm colors! Autumn colors.

Lindsay's 4 legged friends! said...

I love these! So creative!

WORD: Family (Because family means so much to me and I can't wait to start one of my own!)

colors: Any colors that are in fall. Warm colors! Autumn colors.