Friday, January 29, 2010

grateful to make a little difference for haiti

This is the charm swap bracelet the Etsy Metal Clay team donated to the Etsy store, Hearts for Haiti. It sold in one day for $350. It was fun to create the charms for the swap. But I'm so proud to be a part of such a wonderful, generous and heartful group of artisans.
and this is a pendant I personally donated, that also sold in one day! It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to do a little bit of good in the world.
This pendant is one of two. Here is the second pendant available on the Hearts for Haiti site.
Maybe it's speaking to you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sos - recharge with online education

Shiny Object Sunday - learning inspiration. Anytime I feel a bit creatively drained, I try a new technique or take a class to recharge. 2009 was the year of INPUT for me - taking classes not only on location but online too. I found it's easy to take a class online - you can log on when it's convenient for you. It's a great way to learn techniques and meet other like-minded artists from all over. There are so many to chose from, here are just a few:

Susan Tuttle's photo manipulation class, Visual Poetry is starting next week. I used a few of her techniques on the image above this post.

Smartist Telesummit - happening this week! To learn a bit about it listen here, on art and soul radio Oh, snap, registration is closed, but sign up here to get the 2010 Home Study Version.

Mary Ann Moss at Dispatch from LA - Remains of the Day. Last year I took Mary Ann's Stencilry Class which was delightful and entertaining.

And Teesha Moore has a whole slew of great tutorials on You Tube.

Many more You Tube Videos from Milliande on Art Journaling and Zentangles.

And I was in the "Fish Bowl" with Marisa Haedike and lots of other fishies in September. She is so genuine and heartfelt. Looks like her other class is "in session" now, but I highly recommend taking one of her classes.

Sister Diane at the Crafty Pod has a few ebook available, including Making a great blog the ebook.

Gosh and I almost forgot to mention online tutorials for Precious Metal Clay with the Metal Clay Guru and Whole Lotta Whimsy. But of course you would want to take your PMC classes first hand at the Fine Line with me!

What online courses have you taken, what was your experience?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

inspiring people - helping haiti

Compassion of people and willingness to organize in their own way to help heal truly inspires me.
It's been a week since the massive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince. The damage to buildings is extensive and the number of injured or dead is estimated, as of today, they fear over 200,000.
I'm a type of person that really doesn't know what to do or say during times of serious distress. I usually just do, create, cook or something like that. So I was so glad to see other artists doing the same. A shop was created on etsy by Victoria van der Laan called Hearts for Haiti: take a look and know all proceeds from your purchase will go directly to Doctor Without Borders. As you might have guessed they are overwhelmed by the response of artists, so it might be a while before my contribution is posted. I have to hope that all these "little" actions in humanity will help heal.
{ update }
one of my pieces has been purchased! yay. And one more is waiting on a home. Maybe it's the perfect piece for you? Help Haiti and have a lovely pendant - sounds like a win/win.
as of today Jan 25th - $17,500 have been raised for Haiti. Amazing!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

sos - start small

Here's a little "shiny object sunday" for you. Ever want to start a blog, but maybe it just seemed a bit too daunting. Or maybe you don't know what to say, or you're concerned that everyone would have access to it. Well, maybe you should start small, and a tumblr blog is for you! Very simple to use. Here's a screen shot of the one I started for my daughter and the crazy things she says. As you can see it's a really simple interface. You are also able to password protect it, which makes me feel a bit better of posting an online journal, that I can share with close family and friends. What about you? A little project? Share a quote of the day or a picture the day. Maybe document weight loss or exercising habits and achievements? Maybe you should try tumblr. The tumblr won't take the place of this more robust blog for me, but it's quick and simple. Sometimes it's easier to start small. Thanks Denise for showing me this gem.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shiny Object Sunday

I'm constantly distracted by wonderous things - online and in real life. In the back of my mind I think, oh I should share this with "so and so" or I should put this on my blog and I have incorporated a few into my e-newsletter. I call them shiny objects. I sometimes feel like a little bird seeing a glimpse of shimmer in the trees and I follow it. Same is true online. So I'm going to start a regular post I call Shiny Object Sundays. SOS - a little dire - but for a creative person that needs a bit of inspiration, it might seem like a need for a distress call.
To kick it off. Here is a few of my favorites from flickr group challenge - Ring a day. Many of the artists that are playing are on my EMC Team.
1. rad 7 (on), 2. Mike-010910, 3. rad 9 (on), 4. RAD4-travel-light Lynne Glazzard, 5. Terminator the Early Years - RAD 09-01-2010, 6. RAD 10/365.6 - Birthday Throne and Crown, 7. RAD Day 8, 8. Rachelle-010910, 9. cb2

Looks like such fun, I'm a bit jealous and might need to jump in (late as usual) but in the meantime I'm enjoying the view. The creations vary in material, paper, metal, plastic, fiber. The concepts are equally enchanting ranging from simple, unusual, bazaar, clever and even edible. I encourage you to take a peek! check out the Ring a day flickr pool.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

holiday hiatus is over.

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. I'll be posting a lot more in 2010. Hope you'll join me.Like many things of structure, I have a love/hate relationship with New Year Resolutions. On my list are some of the usual suspects: diet, exercise, learn, grow, make time for art. But to put all the expectation on one day is so daunting, like how am I supposed to be on a diet with all the wonderful leftovers in the fridge. And gosh, what’s the use of being more financially responsible when everyone is having half price sales. And another, how am I going to make sure I get into the studio when the house is in complete chaos and I really would rather sit on the couch and watch bad tv or review and select my favorite photos of the season or umm.....facebook! Why make an intention, just to set yourself up for failure? So I’m dragging it out a bit this year. Today is the first day I feel like the “holidaze” is over. And I can start on my intentions, knowing that there are more important “new beginnings” that I celebrate everyday - the sunrise or a newly falling snow. And to look forward to like a new moon, first crocus to break through it’s winter blanket or my daughter’s smile and constant dancing. Looking ahead is how I intend to try to keep this year’s intentions.
Looking ahead.... and these! Calendars, datebooks and lists, oh my! I don’t know if this says something lack of time management (see the star - it’s from a dear friend and reads “born to be an half hour late). I guess I'm a bit of a procrastinator, but more so I just lack a bit of focus sometimes. But I hope to stay on schedule in the 2010. It's a little ironic but, I have either worked on or ordered no less than 5 calendars even before last August. My collage sisthar extradonaire, Jean was featured in this calendar, so of course I need that one. And the ever inspirational Kelly Rae was autographing early orders of her datebook - so must have. Then the perpetual calendar done as a collaborative is a must create (I’ll blog about this process soon). Then the awesome opportunity to create a calendar of all my artwork for my employer, Bending Design (thanks for the push Sharon)! If you would like one of the small accordion fold calendars, with my artwork, email me with your address and I’ll send it to you! (just note I have limited number left) Lastly, round it off with a few photo calendars - I would say I should be pretty on task. If only it were that easy right? Here was my table yesterday, trying to create a to do list! Ugh!

Well I’ll try, starting today. Will this mean a more task oriented and detailed 2010 - that has yet to be seen. Hope your intentions are shaping up nicely. Happy New Year.