Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shiny Object Sunday

I'm constantly distracted by wonderous things - online and in real life. In the back of my mind I think, oh I should share this with "so and so" or I should put this on my blog and I have incorporated a few into my e-newsletter. I call them shiny objects. I sometimes feel like a little bird seeing a glimpse of shimmer in the trees and I follow it. Same is true online. So I'm going to start a regular post I call Shiny Object Sundays. SOS - a little dire - but for a creative person that needs a bit of inspiration, it might seem like a need for a distress call.
To kick it off. Here is a few of my favorites from flickr group challenge - Ring a day. Many of the artists that are playing are on my EMC Team.
1. rad 7 (on), 2. Mike-010910, 3. rad 9 (on), 4. RAD4-travel-light Lynne Glazzard, 5. Terminator the Early Years - RAD 09-01-2010, 6. RAD 10/365.6 - Birthday Throne and Crown, 7. RAD Day 8, 8. Rachelle-010910, 9. cb2

Looks like such fun, I'm a bit jealous and might need to jump in (late as usual) but in the meantime I'm enjoying the view. The creations vary in material, paper, metal, plastic, fiber. The concepts are equally enchanting ranging from simple, unusual, bazaar, clever and even edible. I encourage you to take a peek! check out the Ring a day flickr pool.

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