Sunday, January 24, 2010

sos - recharge with online education

Shiny Object Sunday - learning inspiration. Anytime I feel a bit creatively drained, I try a new technique or take a class to recharge. 2009 was the year of INPUT for me - taking classes not only on location but online too. I found it's easy to take a class online - you can log on when it's convenient for you. It's a great way to learn techniques and meet other like-minded artists from all over. There are so many to chose from, here are just a few:

Susan Tuttle's photo manipulation class, Visual Poetry is starting next week. I used a few of her techniques on the image above this post.

Smartist Telesummit - happening this week! To learn a bit about it listen here, on art and soul radio Oh, snap, registration is closed, but sign up here to get the 2010 Home Study Version.

Mary Ann Moss at Dispatch from LA - Remains of the Day. Last year I took Mary Ann's Stencilry Class which was delightful and entertaining.

And Teesha Moore has a whole slew of great tutorials on You Tube.

Many more You Tube Videos from Milliande on Art Journaling and Zentangles.

And I was in the "Fish Bowl" with Marisa Haedike and lots of other fishies in September. She is so genuine and heartfelt. Looks like her other class is "in session" now, but I highly recommend taking one of her classes.

Sister Diane at the Crafty Pod has a few ebook available, including Making a great blog the ebook.

Gosh and I almost forgot to mention online tutorials for Precious Metal Clay with the Metal Clay Guru and Whole Lotta Whimsy. But of course you would want to take your PMC classes first hand at the Fine Line with me!

What online courses have you taken, what was your experience?

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Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

thank you Cherylyn! It was so wonderful to have you in the "fish bowl" :)