Tuesday, February 9, 2010

golden love

oooo, must share. I just received my shipment of Golden acrylics and mediums from Dick Blick. I've been working like crazy in various "day jobs" this January. Let's just say I spent a bit of the money before getting the check, sorry Dave Ramsey.
Here was my wish list and why I "needed" them:
{Crackle Paste : okay no need for elaboration! who doesn't need to crackle, the good honest, it will happen crackle.
{Golden GAC 900 - for setting or mixing with paint for fabric! oooo... should of had this for the Collage Sisthars Mixed Media Madness back in November
{archival Spray Varnish - like workable fixative, but better
{various fluid colors : to add to my growing stock : hanza yellow, a few irridescent like Quinsadone Violet (a modern color) and titan buff for a lovely opaque base for skin colors
{Micaceous Iron Oxide : really thinking I should have bought the bigger jar of this beautiful dark gray ground with mica sparkles. Also going to try mixing it with the fluid Pyrole Orange for a lovely dark terra cotta with sparkly ground
{light molding paste : make use of my stencils, some I created when I took an online class with Mary Ann from Dispatch from LA
{matte medium : must have for image transfers, gluing and skins
{Clear Tar Gel : use like self leveling resin, or for dripping -
Jakson Pollock would have loved this medium
Some were in my goodie bag, lucky me:
{fibre paste : dries really slow
{coarse moldeling paste : adding great texture
Others that are still on my list, had to stop somewhere ;)
{absorbent ground - can make acrylic act like watercolor
{silver point ground - makes surfaces like scratch board
{digital mediums - this is just another wonderful monster I must try later, ink jet from your printer on anything! Aluminum Foil, fabric, gel skins
So many great products. But I'd better get into the studio and play with my new toys! have a creative day!

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