Wednesday, February 24, 2010

just too much

I recall a recent phone conversation with my Dad. We are both doing something while talking, as usual, and I ask him about his day. He goes on to tell me what's on his agenda for the day, what order, who and what. And it all sounds a bit overwhelming and there is a bit of panic in his voice and I say "Dad, I totally understand..." there is a pause and he says, "you know, I really think you do." We might not have a lot in common, he really doesn't get all this arty stuff, but, he always expects too much from his day and feels a bit defeated and surprised when it all doesn't get done. I know, because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
But he is a lover of life with an adventurous spirit, a retired fireman, fixer-upper, jack of all trades with a can do attitude that is contagious. A team maker and life coach. A loyal friend, helping neighbor (one neighbor insisted he was her angel while trying to help her after having a stroke) and I am so proud of him.
My parents are on a cruise through the Panama Canal right now. Instead of relaxing at his "age", he's repelling through the dense forest in Ochos Rios and sending the Grandkids a geography quiz (providing longitude and latitude and having them guess where they are) and probably making sure they get up at "o 9 hundred" so they don't miss anything. I also love that he is the organizer, the one that gets and keeps people together. He recently started a blog to stay connected to his fellow retired firefighters, which is completely cool.

So, if the to do list gets to be too much, I'll let it go and try to be more diligent tomorrow. Knowing that my intentions are good and living a full life is even better.
Happy Birthday, Dad, love you!

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Nancy said...

That is the sweetest blog about your dad! You are very LUCKY to have him in your life! Makes me sad that I never had that, but I do thank the good lord for my wonderful mother!!!!! Happy Birthday Mr. Gnadt!!!!