Monday, March 15, 2010

love: caring, sharing - strength and compassion

One of my original posts was about a collaboration I organized to help a very special little miracle.  McKenna, just celebrated her 3rd birthday today. I'm looking forward to a night out this Saturday - Casino Night - and celebrate her and her family. Even though I would have liked to organized another artist collaboration, seems I can barely get myself together these days. But I wanted to do a little something extra.  I have been participating in Vickie Hallamark's Month of Earrings Challenge, and I thought what better way to cherish these little creations is to give to a family that is so dear.
I'm donating 75% of the proceeds (just keeping enough to help with the cost of shipping and a bit of supplies) of my Month of Earrings to "For the Love of McKenna" Foundation. Here is just a taste of a few pieces completed. I'm still photographing them and will place them on Flckr as I complete them. The deadline for the 30 earrings is April 1st, so I hope to have them all up by then.
I hope you would consider purchasing these unique earrings for a worthy cause.

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