Tuesday, March 9, 2010

one word

I decided last year to pick a word for the year. I first read about it on Ali Edwards blog. My word for 2009 was SWAY. It came to me one day, last spring, in yoga class. While trying to hold the "Tree" pose, standing on one leg, with the other resting on the inner knee, hands stretched up to the sky trying to maintain balance. Then I remembered, yes my constant quest of balance - like I proclaimed as my mission on this blog and so many other places. It was then I realized sometimes balance is best achieved by not just standing firmly, but allowing yourself to sway a bit and recover. As a passionate person, designer, artist and Mom, I have finally come to the conclusion that true balance cannot be achieved. It takes the ability to sacrifice and make small course corrections as you go. But honestly, by the end of 2009, I kinda felt that my sway was becoming more like a palm tree in a hurricane.  It was then I realized that I forgot about another aspect of holding the Tree pose in yoga, is not only balance and sway but to focus on a spot in front of you. So for 2010, I altered my word a bit. Allowing for the sway, but also the focus. DILIGENT is my one word this year.  My personality really works against any effort I make to remain focused and adhere to a task. But this year I will be diligent in my efforts. Trying to focus more and review my options critically and saying no to obligations and tasks that don't let me work towards my goals. It may be financial and physical as January and February. Or more spiritual and artistic endeavors as I have so far in March. All the while trying to be in the present and allowing for the sway - but with diligence and focus.
What about you? Can you think of the one word that will be yours for 2010 - what would it be?

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Sue said...

You are so fabulous, I loved this post. Of course, I also love a word challenge. I will spend the next day (or more) obsessing about this... and I'll get back to you.