Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what's in a name

I might have mentioned this before, but it's one of my endearing idiosyncrasies, so I will reveal it again. I name just about all my creations. And mostly not just name, but have a whole story behind the thought. Most of time, I think customers will make up their own story, but never quite as elaborate as the one cast on to it by it's creator. Case and point: I was at a show in Naperville in the beginning of December and I was talking about my creations, the fact most have names and personalities, when she asked the name of one of my newest pieces (honestly finished in the wee hours the night before). The name hadn't come to me yet, so I think I might have said "unsettled" or something just as, well unsettling. And she kindly put it down and walked away. I thought, really? I hadn't thought my naming really made such an impact, but I guess it's more than just idle babble.
A New Era is the name of this recent creation. 
Actually, it's proper name... bring forth a new era. In my sketchbook, I have drawn this piece many ways, but the concept is constant: ripples when made in the water continue on and on disrupting the calm waters. Truly, probably to determent, I am not a very politcal person, but I believe the leaders in this Nation have created a series of ripples that cannot be stopped. I'm sure these actions have affected just about everyone in this nation. A New Era is not neccessarily a negative reflection of the current state of our economy and health care system, but just an acknowlegdement. The once strong stable foundation has started to tear, the ripples will not stop and the structure cannot just be patched. It's time to reflect, rebuild and begin again. This a nation is becoming unrecognizable... there is a need to begin a new era.

{update April 9 - this piece has found a new home. SOLD, I'm so thrilled}

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