Sunday, April 25, 2010

charm inspiration and idea generation

In almost every artist statement I've written, I try to answer "where do my ideas come from?" And the answer seems almost a bit trite, something like "from nature, my experiences, my daughter and many talented people in the artist community I'm lucky to know" and even though this sounds a bit broad, it is true. It was evident in my creation of the charm I'm creating for the EMC team charm swap. And instead of spoiling the surprise for the 22 recipients on the final design or process - I thought is would be fun to share with you my inspiration - just as a little tease.
I'm the type of creator that gathers, gathers, gathers and then finally it all comes together. So here are some of my random gatherings...
an istockphoto image a marquee-like image while searching on trying to develop designs for a website.
a stamp by tim holtz and a curvy hinge from a scrapbook/altered arts convention I visited last weekend

Reading a book that my Mom read to me as a child to my daughter - The Story of Ping by Majorie Flack
A brief glimpse of some interesting mixed-media techniques at the Collage Sisthars meeting this weekend and another technique a few months back.

And with all this gathering and the wonderful online resources of the internet, I'm very intune with the concerns of copying and plagiarism. In fact I was just reading
Pikaland's issue #7 of their Good to Know e-zine on plagiarism. You can get your copy here or read it online on issuu.

Ideas are viral and completely unique ideas are hard to come by. So here are a few things I do to try to make sure my work is a bit different and actually mine.
{ when in doubt, give credit
{ I keep a journal (several in fact) and draw, write, doodle in them all the time. There is something with free form doodling that seems to be the subconscious trying to talk to me. I try to find patterns and purpose in my sketches which often don't reveal themselves long after I've made my entry.
{ I take classes from amazing artists, try to learn their technique. Then I let go for a bit and try again a few days or weeks later. I'll do the technique in different ways trying to incorporate my style with new understanding.
{ and I keep on creating, even if it's not turning out.
This reminds me of a quote I've read "The enemy of the great is often the good."
But the actual original quote is "Better is the enemy of good." -Voltaire
Which would suggest you always are looking for more. Most of the time I have to get the "ugly" out of my head, before I even get to the good, let alone the elusive great.
These are just a few ways I try to make sure it's my "voice" - what suggestions or insights might you have?

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Elizabeth said...

Hi cherylyn! It was nice meeting you last night at craft night :) I also keep various sketch books to doodle, draw out ideas, or just jot down notes to reference later. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and enjoy finishing up your paper wreath!