Monday, May 31, 2010

gone fishing

We were Up North this holiday weekend, enjoying some unseasonable warm temperatures. Leisure weekends at the Lake, how do I love thee, let me count the ways
{ a little girl, rapidly gaining independence, knee deep in the water. the edge of her favorite sundress saturated. as she practices casting and reels in another plastic butterfly
{ generational bonding and idle prattle
{ blue skies with creative clouds - fighting dragons, begging dogs and silly penguins
{ a drought - creating a beach where there used to be a shoreline
{ dragonflies dive bombing without abandon - eractically changing directions and erotically joining mid-flight
{ a crane gracing the water in clear view so we can witness it's huge prehistoric beauty
{ long shadows and rose highlights on the water just as the spark is started in the fire
{ bouquet of water lillies picked with the instructions that I should wear it in my hair
{ visiting - coffee with one of my favorite people in the Northwoods - customer, friend, confidant ~thank you
{ fruitful trip to the local bead store - a buying precursor to my Bead and Button adventure - just over a week away
{ a bit of creating, but mostly recharging and taking it all in
ahh... xoxo


Sue said...

Lovely "smilies." I feel relaxed just reading them!

Cherylyn Bredemann said...

thanks, Suzanne. Yes, I had intentions of a cohesive blog post, but knew if I waited to have time, it wouldn't have happened. and somehow smilies just seemed right.