Monday, August 16, 2010

every show has a silver lining

Blame it on the stifling heat one day and the gale force winds taking out tents the next, the low traffic, lack of advertising or dismal sales - this weekend’s show was the most disappointing yet. But instead of having a pity party (no one will attend) it’s much more productive to look at the bright side. 

Oh, the people you meet! And the support of fellow artists, friends and family that make you think! Since it wasn’t that busy Saturday, I got to talk to a lot of the artists - actually there were three of us that did PMC work. I was next to Monica from Delia’s Delight Jewelry. Small world, I took a interesting wire wrapping class from Monica many years before. Congratulations to Franki Martin for winning best of show. Franki Martin’s was delight to meet with her PMC pieces as bold and beautiful as she was. It was nice to see how each of us jewelry artisans had a different spin on the material. Hopefully we will be able to meet up for a play date soon.

Congratulations also to 1st place winner, Denise Riesen Photography. Thanks, ladies for the humor and all the help to keep my tent grounded. Denise is also involved with the Andersonville Galleria, an unique concept, 90 artist shops under one roof. I really want to get downtown to check it out. I also met an acrylic artist, June Blunk, whose whimsical colorful pieces were very inspiring. This was her first show after being out of it for a long time. The fun letter photography of Tonya Bestor. She framed your word right there on the spot - instant custom design - impressive. Teresa's displays of Topaj was inspiring. I felt bad that she came down all the way from Greenbay, WI - so the fact this show was very local for me was a blessing, I guess.

I had visits from some artist friends and a few Art for All members. A surprise visit from my Mom. One of the collage sisthars, Cindy, stopped by to keep me company. We had a long discussion on how it’s hard doing shows, especially not profitable ones. And that an artist is an artist, no matter if you sell or not. It’s hard to not need the monetary validation of selling your work. And I think in the last few weeks I felt that I “worked” so hard to produce, but this show also reminded me that for me, being an artist is more about the process, the creating and idea generation - which is work, but it’s fulfilling.  And just today, I read Mati Rose’s blog post - and was reminded once again to honor myself and my work.

So all in all. I guess this was a lesson I needed to relearn. I’m glad I had other artist and friends around for support. Hey, thanks.
I've been busy so, I promise to post some of my new creations soon. In the meantime, I should take my own advice, like in this piece.

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Sue said...

Sorry you didn't have a great turnout, but I'm glad you had a chance to bond with other artists. Your display looks beautiful! I definitely see some new pieces in there -- great job! If you ever want to go check out that Galleria in Andersonville, it is only 2.5 miles from my apartment, so let me know! (I am intrigued too...)