Friday, August 6, 2010

perpetually grateful

Reflections of a lovely weekend. Sharing artwork. Collaboration and swapping. Gifts of gratitude. And inspiration and positive creative energy. I love purchasing artwork from artists I admire. But, like many, my economic state just doesn't accomadate frivioulous buying. But when an artist suggests; we swap. I'm all for it! This bartering makes the transaction so much more personal. When Debbie suggested the possibility, I jumped at the chance. I fell in love with this little Bear Lady Momma and her daughter at first glance.

I think it's so sweet and endearing. Reminding me of the bond I share with my daughter. What I loved even more was Debbie's inspiration for the piece. She said the Bear Women was what she envisioned Goldilock's might be from the Bear's point of view. Silly fun, huh? Love creative, smart people and a glimpse into their thoughts.

On Friday, one of my most endearing customers, K, came by first thing in the morning ~ swooning, chatting, admiring all the hard work of everyone and buying plenty. Pretty much making my day ~ and my ego big and fat, like that's really possible. She is always wearing the greatest pieces, so I'm so flattered and humbled that I'm in her overflowing jewelry collection. I've heard many stories of her wearing the pieces she buys, giving them good energy, then passing them on to her friends. She nonchalantly asked if I wear anyone else's jewelry, other than my own. I reply that I mostly wear pieces of artists I admire and know personally. And she takes off the piece she is wearing and gives me this:
Isn't this lovely. I'm wearing it today. I love how it feels - it's so different than I ever wear. It's like having a rock garden massage on my neck. Here is the artist's shop, LaTouchables. She has so many intriguing pieces in her shop. Including feminine cuffs - a recent obsession.
And the last bit of news: While at the Circle of Life Studio during the Northwoods Art Tour, there was a reporter, Leah Gernetzke from The Lakeland Times, taking pictures and chatting with us. Well, during our conversation, a certain thing I said caught her attention, honestly it sounds like me but I don't remember:
"Art is not just a hobby. It's a passion that's fueled from within."
She used the thought as a thread throughout the 2 page article highlighting a few of the artists on the tour including a great picture of Debbie, ending the article with a write up on me. What a pleasant surprise. I'm perpetually grateful for my fellow artisians, family, friends, customers turned friends and random people along my path to my creative aspirations.
Thank you.

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