Sunday, August 29, 2010

unlikely conversations of a mixed media artist

I sometimes forget that not everyone's mind works in weird ways, like mine. I realize I have a habit of sometimes starting my stories in the middle, but still a little befuddled when the intended recipient doesn't follow. I also find great amusement in seemingly normal questions or conversations in my mixed-media artist mind are met with a little cock to the head - like the RCA dog -- and huh? Thinking you might relate or have a chuckle too - here are a few recent conversations:
Hardware store clerk :
do you have any thinner barbed wire - I was looking for something a little more bendy.
This is one my favorite sayings. I just finished this piece a few weeks ago. I really wanted the roses to be bound in barbed wire -- but in the end the scaled just wasn't right. So I ended up making my own barbed wire.

me : Can you help me put feet on this box?
hubby: Why does a box need feet?
Linda, one of the collage sisthars, had a great presentation on making things rusty. I took this one a bit further - adding dimension and some color. And pegged feet. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's all ready to sit on a table to hold a remote, cell phone or maybe your most precious letters.

Wings! oh my! I was so excited to find a petrified bumble bee in my studio, this Spring. Many were concerned that I was excited about this treasure, questioning while shaking their head - that's what you thought of?---  yes, of course the wings screamed to be plucked off to make ear wings. And since that day, I've had a more winged creatures happen my way -- all waiting to be encapsulated and shown for their true beauty and mystic charm.

Hubby, again: I need 10 gauge copper.  No I can't just use your stripped electrical wire.

What cracks me up the most is the times when there is no question. Like late on a Friday night when everyone is enjoying their Friday fun and I was in the studio creatiing my mixed media scupture, called Perfectly Imperfect. -- I come out and say "hey, can you cut this Barbie in half for me? just right here try not to crush the torso." Which didn't evoke a question at all. Guess my eccentric behavior and requests have started to become normal. hmmm... think I'll have to go to the hardware store for my dose of puzzled looks.

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Zoe Nelson said...

Huh. Funny. That all made perfect sense to me!!