Thursday, September 2, 2010

studio ~ in a constant state of organizing

So I must admit, if you didn't suspect already - I rarely put away "my toys." Indeed I try to straighten and organize my space, but one good evening in my studio and everything is a muck. Oh well, I've always worked better in organized chaos. And I prefer all my pretties to be visible for inspiration. Sometimes all the "inspiration" becomes a bit overwhelming - and that's when I start putting things away. Or grouping them in ways that make sense for a project. Well here's a few pictures of my studio in somewhat order.
it's a small space in my basement - but I love the natural light and my fun colorful tile pattern.
and when it gets a bit tight, I spill out into "workshop" area. The space is a work in progress, but at least I have room to spread out.
you might not believe this, but his is really organized. it's a shame I usually forget where the proper place is ~ and spend too much time trying to find that one thing that will make my project just perfect. And then, while looking, I'll get distracted and start yet another new creation. Hmmmm... and I wonder why I have so many UFOs.
Here's a bit of my inspiration area, with bullentin board, wall of paper and many little treasures behind the sign that says "create" between the two open shelves. You can barely read it.
So what does your studio look like - how do you keep it organized. And when it is indeed organized, is it harder or easier for you to find the inspiration. I'm thinking "I must be normal" ---- right?


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Hi, just happened on your blog and you had a post about one of my favorite subjects. I have images of my studio on my blog if you want to see it. You've done a nice job. I don't know anyone that really uses their studio that does not have a mess to clean up periodically. Take care, Connie

Sue said...

Your workshop is so clean!! (for now) ;) I can't wait to have a larger home someday where I can actually have a room or space dedicated to artsy pursuits. I think I would be much more inspired on a daily basis if my inspirations weren't always hidden away.