Monday, October 18, 2010

read ~ view ~ do

Information and inspiration are not anything without implementation.
Any endeavor, be it fitness, financial, relationships or artistic, you need to actually experience it. You can read books, blogs, websites - listen to podcasts or YouTube videos - view peer efforts on facebook and flickr - but if you don't make time to execute your thoughts ~ you haven't achieved anything. There is so much information and inspiration available it can be overwhelming. And if you're like me, time is a limited commodity - it's hard to sit back, digest and let all the information mull around your head and then - execute, do, CREATE!
That's one of the many reasons I take classes and workshops. I consider it forced studio time. I try to go into my own studio as much as possible, but with everything around me, it's sometimes hard to focus. I had the opportunity to take a few classes this Fall. A workshop by Lisa Bebi, organized by Collage Sisthar, Linda (thank you!) A stylized way to paint over black and white pictures.
And of course, I tried to get more done than possible - so neither are quite finished yet. Hopefully I'll post the completed piece soon.
Suzanne: spoiler alert, just in case you haven't received your package just yet ;)

oh, but the above fun perpetuated further experiment - a card for my dear friend who recently had a baby.
As I've confessed many times before, I have many passions. One started long ago. Bookbinding! Here are a few books from Cheryl Mahowald's book binding class at the Fine Line. I especially love coptic binding, which allows the inner pages to lay flat. We learned binding on tapes, a single needle coptic and then a multi-needle coptic (the big one). This one utilized 8 needles (well nine, if you consider the one that broke!) Here are the treasures from that 4 week class.
And I combined the techniques learned from both classes, plus the ideas I've read in many of my favorite books, including these: (by Corey Moortgat, Karen Michel and Kelly Rae Roberts)
to make this wee little artistic Momma journal. ahhh... isn't she sweet?
And sometimes I just do things on a whim. Like attending the Beckoning of Lovely event on 10.10.10 at 10:10 pm in Millennium Park! I walked a way with a heart a bit more full, a little note reminding me to live for today and penny wishes for clarity for tomorrow.
Wow, that's quite a bit of sharing for one post. And I have quite a few Metal Clay and Jewelry experiments to share also, but that's for another day. Needless to say, I've been busy. Hope the colder weather is helping your carve out a bit of time for you to create and do things your passionate about.

Friday, October 8, 2010

fall into inspiration

A few weeks ago I attended the Cusp Conference and like last year it did not disappoint. Listening and learning from some of the brightest, talented people is always inspiring, encouraging and humbling. And as instructed I emersed myself, letting it all flow over me and through me.  I found most of the speakers very insightful, and others just some "ear/brain" candy.  I couldn't begin to give an accurate synopsis, but  did manage to jot down a few snippets that I thought were inspiring, hope some inspire you also:

"All design is an act of optimism"
- Sean Adams talked at length about the whole design and experience of Disneyland.

"Sustainability is a series of informed trade offs"
- Natalia Allen, is an textile designer creating eco-friendly products, including a textile that is reflective based on her need for something to wear while running at night while still in college. 

"Work your best, for you." 
"Live life and make art at the same time."
- Olivia Bee, a 16 year old photographer from Portland, creating authentic images  for Converse and Nike.

"Recognize conflict and work through it"
-Maggie Breslin observes, researchs and designs efforts around decision making for patient-centered hospitals. 
"We have what we need – no more, no less."
- Frank Chimero a graphic designer that created intrigued with the infinite potential of every little bit. 

Words + Pictures = more comprehensive learning
-Josh Elder who gave a explicit speech on how comics let the reader fill in the sequence creating more active and imaginative learning.  

"Resources + Passion + Confidence + Abiltiy = Change"
"help create the fearlessness"
-Liz Gerbers, a change agent in academia, believes confidence is the main ingredient to evoke learner to make a difference.

"Recognize conflict and work through it"
-Maggie Breslin observes, researchs and designs efforts around decision making for patient-centered hospitals. 

"Our largest untapped resource is the time of creative people and their disposalable income "
-Mark Hatch, CEO of the Tech Shop in Raleigh, NC. - a dream workshop with all the tools a inventor would need, a Maker Space - I so want to visit the Shop. 

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."
-Mickey McManus CEO of Maya, insisting that the next big leap for innovation is not at the peak, but on a whole new mountain. 

"I like to make things"
-Amy Kouse Rosenthal who will be at the Bean in Chicago at 10.10.10 at 10 pm. THIS WEEKEND, who will go with me? Last time she did this was 08.08.08 at 8 pm. here's the video.  
WHO's IN?  

But whenever I take in so much information, it takes a while to digest it. Then slowly, patterns emerge. There was so much, but I hope some of these quotes inspire you to make something, do something, be something to evoke change - because change is good.