Friday, January 21, 2011

one little word

A few years ago I read about the one little word on Ali Edwards' site and many others have started this same tradition, you can see some of the words for 2011 here. My word last year - diligent. Here are the thoughts behind that choice. Although the 2010 started with promise and diligent behavior, without getting too personal, let's just say the last six months have been less than stellar. So I'm looking forward to the new year with optimism and heart. My word for 2011:
} all is calm, all is bright - in my personal matters
} execute some bright ideas - instead of just letting them rattle around in my head
} that I stay bright-eyed and a little less bushy-tailed in the new year - a constant challenge
} over all a bright future - ready for the making

The very first charm - create - was to celebrate a 21 day challenge I did in 2008 with Rhonna Farrer reminding me that creating everyday is what makes me whole. I also made charms for the last two years: sway & diligent. This year seemed a bit different, I feel different, so I decided to make it not just with words, but a symbol - bright. Handcrafted silver swirl with rays of light, then mixed media for the center, encapsulated in resin.

Courage is letting go of the familiar to make a better future.
At times you must walk away from the familiar to fight for a brighter tomorrow.

I won't settle for less than the brighter future and making my life brightest possible in 2011. What about you? What is your word of intention for 2011?


Denise said...

I'd say 'bright' suits you very well. It's your personality. Bright and upbeat! May your 2011 be extremely bright and all you wish it to be.

Sue said...

Last year at this time, I was choosing a word in secret, because I was pregnant and it was too early to tell! So my word was "courage." Now that the little one is here, the word I am choosing is "present," as in "living in the present." I am letting go of expectations (for my daughter and myself), and trying to enjoy each unpredictable moment.

Cherylyn Bredemann said...

Denise - thank you so much. I wasn't feeling so bright this fall, but slowly the light is shinning.

Sue - So great to hear from you little Momma. I'm sure you are enjoying and relishing in parenthood.