Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Every since my daughter starting walking,
I'm almost positive she danced. Always on her toes ~ wearing her favorite dresses with
the appropriate
~ s p i n a b i l i t y.

There is something so carefree and dizzy about just spinning. This photo from Halloween inspired the words and journal spread below.
When all else fails, just twirl ~ I really could benefit in taking my own advice.

I started this creation at the Collage Sisthars meeting, last weekend. We were playing around using the techniques of Teesha Moore - here's a great list of some of her videos here. It was such a strange, but welcomed luxury to concentrate on one spread for a good 3 hours. I love artistic journaling, I've found it therapeutic in working out the crazy ideas and junk in my head. Lately my entries would not be made for general population consumption. The words on the pages might not be always positive, but they are raw and genuine feelings that help digest the trials in my life lately. Sabrina, author Spilling Open and Erin Kenepp really encouraged this type of therapy.

Back to my muze - she always wants to create, paint and do something "special". So when I was finishing (for now) the page, she wanted to paint like Momma. The honesty in her seemingly random comments always surprise me. "oh, I get it Mommy, you cut all this out and draw over it to make it your own style" -- too true and funny.
I hope you are enjoying making your life and your work in your own style - because, that is really special ~ and don't forget to twirl. xox