Saturday, March 19, 2011


Another challenge – yet a bit late, more the less, accepted and taken. The Etsy Metal Clay Team challenge was to set a stone in a piece after firing, with a visual inspiration. I have several cabochons and rocks waiting for a setting, an idea, that is worthy of their beauty. Worthy = beautiful....  why do I see those together?
The stone in this setting is a raw Padparadscha I bought a few years ago at the Bead and Button Show set in fine silver prongs. Similar designs have been in my mind and repertoire since the very beginning of my explorations of PMC, back in 2002, starting with one of my first original pieces
named: Energy
and then a bit different Crimson Energy listed here on etsy.

but since I prefer to create out of happiness, I’ve been a bit starved for inspiration... So this piece was almost never created or solidified. As the due date came closer, I came to realize, I would not have finished anything for this challenge, although, as usual, I started several ideas. All laying unfinished, not worthy on my workshop table.
But then this idea came clear Tuesday morning, after a poor nights sleep, combined with the reading of the heartbreaking stories of the people of Japan, after the Tsunami devastated their country last Friday. While watching the video of the churning water destroying a  port in California, the effects this earthquake, hundreds of miles away. I thought of the repercussions of disasters in nature, and the repercussions of the actions in life.
You can’t stop the momentum - you just have to persevere with the flow. I have had a lot of tragedy not happen to me, as much as around me. Which sometimes makes me feel guilty for my fears, anger, unhappiness and sadness. But  I have to remember “we all suffer, unequally” and just because your heart break is less severe - yes, you must put it in perspective, but you also must honor it and know your feelings are valid, because no one can know what you are going through. Thank you to everyone that has been there to listen and understand. And to those with stones thrown in your still waters, I hope it creates ripples that surge positive energy to push you forward.