Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sweet tears

Off they go, ribbon and tagged with their story... waiting on sixteen charms in return...

Again, I was part of a charm swap with the EMC Team. So proud to be part of this talented group of artists. This charm was even more personal then the swaps ~ wise eyes and words.
The latest charm called "Perspective ~ Tears or Ice Cream" is inspired by my five year old muse.
~ the scenario: a fall day, a craft project with the little one, making paper hearts ~ after an emotionally revealing, unraveled week...
me {in my head} :  strange how the paper hearts when folded are tears
little one {clutching her folded heart in her hand} "look Momma… it's an ice cream cone" as she pretends to take a lick.
So blessed to be reminded that it is truly all perspective. It's up to you to turn the teardrop into sweet ice cream.
Here's a bit about the process: Like in the previous swaps, I created the original and then made a mold of it. While each tear was in the mold, I created a tiny heart, each a little different, and tucked it snugly into the back
Then let them dry to a leather hard state and carve any access around each tear (cone ;) ~ I love the way bronze clay carves. Unfortunately I didn't make the mold before pouring the resin in the bezel of the original, so I had to carve out each one of the tear bezels individually. But it gave me the opportunity to carve a bit of a rough groove under the bezel. The thought was to fill the tear drop with Standard PMC Silver. Since they have similar shrinkage, I have had success with combining standard PMC and the bronze clay in the past, but I was not as lucky this time. After the test firing and tumble, only 1 out of the 3 trial pieces grasped the silver in the bezel.
So off to plan B ~ a familiar pattern in my work. All the bezels were carved out and fired with my standard bronzeclay schedule. Tumbled and prepared for the resin.
Since they were so little and the backside was not flat, I placed the charms on scotch tape in a butchers tray. This helped keep them put and level. I first painted a bit of light blue in the bezel, then, if you look closely, you'll see I added a bit of extra sentimentality.
A little chip of a shell from the robin's egg from the nest that was just outside my window at my parent's house this Spring.
Here is a pic of the nest, that I'll be making into cards for my etsy shop soon:
For me the eggshell represents life, a new beginning after tears and a promise of good things to come. 
May all your tears turn to sweetness. And your heart remain full.
~ many blessings. xox ~


Sue said...

I love that your little one saw an ice cream cone, what a blessing she is! The charms are beautiful, as always.

HappyDayArt! said...

They are super and I want mine already! Thanks for posting your sweet and yes, sentimental story. I feel lucky to be part of something you care about.