Friday, July 8, 2011

when I was young…

~ i could get lost chasing butterflies
~ swim all day
~ draw. smile. create.
~ find a sentimental meaning in the smallest bit of nature
~ laughed at the silliest little joke
~ spun around until I was dizzy
~ loved the water. embraced the sun. played in the rain.
~ was amazed how my Mom could tell something was wrong
~ believed my Dad when he encouraged I could do anything
~ cried when I was angry or teased or sometimes just because
~ was never very punctual, but if I said I'd be there, I would
~ loved time with family and friends
~ cherished time alone
~ appreciated music, admired my family and friends with that talent
~ could dance and not care who was watching
~ was always ready to plan an adventure
Now at 40, I'm realizing I never really outgrew any of it… it's Me.

Thank you to everyone that has made my day, year and life so very special.


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

This might be late but HAPPY BIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTHDAY !!! =)

Sue said...

It is so YOU, and it is so wonderful! I feel so lucky to call you my friend. Love, Suzanne