Thursday, September 1, 2011

online eye candy ~ vision boards as social media

I've always collected snippets from magazines, xerox pages from books, collected quotes, gathered postcards from artists I admire and put them away in a shoebox, pinned them up on my bulletin board or sometimes even organized them in a plentiflex. I would categorize them in decor, art, places I would like to go, a technique I would like to try… But very rarely would I look at them and when I did, I wish I had more info and remembered where I snagged it from... Now with the internet, I visit a ton of blogs and other websites, bookmark sites and create a reader and still barely get halfway through my list before going on a tagent and forgetting where I started. My short attention span meets the abundant influx of information... and I'm even more disorganized and disappointed when I can't retrieve the information I somewhat recollect.
Then my friend Denise introduced me to Pintrest. Social media meets vision boards. You can collect (pin) all your inspiration in one location, categorize your inspirations and interests on virtual boards, so your friends (or followers) can see them - or keep them private. Not just a picture or clip, but your comments and insight, and most importantly link back to the blog or website the idea came from.

If you don't want to pin, you can just peruse your home page for too see selected users and there thoughts and pins. It's true online eye candy with community behind all the info.
I have started several boards, but one I just had fun with was collecting ideas for my daughter's tea party last weekend.
Although I didn't do everything I wanted to, I was so less frazzled having a place to put AND retrieve my online inspirations. No need to search all over for that recipe, or craft how to. It was all there, with a simple pinning. Brillant!
You do have to have a social media account to start, such as twitter or facebook, but they don't have to be active, unless you want to share to them. You can easily get a twitter account and might not even tweet.
Love it also for sharing work of artists and designers. I started a public board for "art that inspires". I started the board out with an installation by Janet Echelman that has an interesting podcast on CraftCast this week. Let me know if you would like to contribute and I'll send you an invite.

Here is a few more pictures of projects from the tea party.
A fairie willow wand.
placements with pizazz from an antique plastic doilie and spray paint...
the little one painting the coasters and hanging flowers, make the day turn into an event..
or like this cupcake topiary, which could very likely make to another fun blog - CraftFail. But it was fun.

Try it out, follow me and as they say, happy pinning!