Friday, May 4, 2012


As you may or may not know, my email was compromised a few weeks ago. My friend, Jessica  said it best when commenting on my fb status about the hack "nothing like feeling vulnerable and violated first thing in the morning, huh?" It's true there is a vulnerability putting yourself out there in the online world. 
I remember vividly when the hacker tricked me. It was an official looking email that stated yahoo was reviewing older accounts and would begin purging them off the servers if you did not verify the account by the end of the month. Panic set in, I had this account at least since '95. I have all my contact info there, all my receipts from past years stored neatly in folders, lists of resources tucked in one place. NO! I can't loose all this. 16 years of my life. Even now, I keep thinking, I can't believe I could be so naive. I should know better. And like that, I verified my email account. Just as I clicked okay, I knew it was wrong. 
It was a decision made out of fear. Fear of losing everything and a few weeks before taxes were due none-the-less. And so it did happen. I lost all my contacts, receipts, everything I gathered in that one place for years. 
I think many of us do similar things, react in fear, believe in the one option, keep doing the same old to avoid the unknown. I challenge you though to take a step back once and a while. Especially when the answer seems too obvious. Think of the options, what would be the worst case scenario and try not to make a decision base on convenience, the fear of the unknown or because it is more comfortable.
I've always loved this saying "Do what you fear most, then the fear is certain." 
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By the way, it's been awhile. But I'm back.