Monday, July 16, 2012

a new year ~ reflection

Celebrated another birthday ~ so grateful for my family and friends that joined in the perpetual week long celebration.
I always think of my birthday as a new year. New start and reflecting on the past 365 days. This past year was a very important year of changes and challenges.

Besides hot yoga, walking, biking and swimming - I ran this year! This was a real stretch. I was never a runner, even in high school. My initial goal was to run/walk once a week for a year ~ doing it! Then to run a 5K with my running club ~ check! A special thank to Suzanne Ness of Living Forward. When I started to see progress, my updated goal was 100 miles before my birthday ~ accomplished! Now for the next challenge, the MUDDY BUDDY race! coming up July 21st! Come out and cheer on Denise and I ~ team OWN IT!

I said it was my birthday, I didn't say I've grown up! I'm living it up, doing the things I love ~ roller coasters, concerts, watching friend's bands play, going on hikes, chasing butterflies and twirling ~ just because.

And as with any change, when times get hard ~ I try to remind myself to be gentle with the process and have faith. It seems that when I might not believe entirely in my decisions or feel a bit defeated, a feather graces my path ~ knowingly someone believes in me. This year the feathers have been abundant ~ thank you universe and above. 

So it begins. Another year ~ I'm ready. Transparent and light, as though I had wings.

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Sue said...

What a beautiful post -- visually and philosophically! Happy new year to you!