Friday, September 28, 2012

infusive associative thinking ~ cusp 2012

If someone ever tried to decipher my notes from a conference, thoughts from a client meeting, the margins of a favorite book or entries in my numerous sketch books ~ one might think I'm a bit all over the place. Well, confession ~ I am.

So when the first image on the screen at the Cusp Conference last week read:
"You are not normal."
I thought, good, I must be in the right place.
For the past four years, I’ve had the privilege to attend this thought provoking conference. I’m grateful, Sharon Bending, owner of Bending Design knows the importance of creative input and associative thinking. Feeding your brain, with seemingly unrelated ideas that might not impact the bottom line today or tomorrow, but stimulate broader, more creative thinking. Each year, I’m more overwhelmed and energized than the one before. The event put on by Greg Samata, Dave Mason and Kevin Krueger of smbolic - brings people from all backgrounds to talk about “the design of everything”.  With good reason this post took a week to conjure up, cusp takes a bit of time to digest ~ it is inspiring, aspiring and unbelievable.

Here are just a few reoccurring threads I heard from the presenters:
} A creative thinker doesn't just sit down and say, today I'm going to design something that will change the economical landscape, change how people interact with a product or make the most iconic painting. They just do their authentic work. 
} You may fail many times. Just keep moving forward and try to fail better. 
} Be humble : be human
} People might think I’m crazy, but maybe they are. 
} It's okay to be naive enough to believe that it might work.
} You can’t wait for the inspiration and passion.
What all these speakers had in common is passion, focus and the ability to see possibility in the big and little things, perceived and real. You must listen and see.

So, what happens within my fragments, doodles and phrases ~ trying to listen ~ I find parallels and patterns. A part of me would like to soak up all this inspiration and energy, bottle it and disperse as needed. I know it doesn’t work like that. But, this experience, among others weaves into my thoughts and actions each day trying to become more authentic and creative in my passions.
~ hope your autumn is inspiring ~

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