Friday, September 21, 2012

...things you would only hear at cusp

After two mind rattling days at the Cusp Conference, I have a whirlwind of inspiration to digest. Not to diminish the intellectual nature of the conference, I felt compelled to share just a few crazy statements from a few speakers that made me think, wow this is NOT your ordinary conference.
I will have a more introspective post soon. But these made me laugh:
~ ... it was 2 am and my lab-mates and I we're bored, so we decided to make a video. 
~ ... sitting is killing you I got rid of all the chairs in my office.
~ ... enough of the someday SHIT!
~ ... I'll treat this how I treat my dates, I'll give it a go and see how far I can get.
~ ... I never felt guilty about watching gay porn. --- WHAT!
~ ... and here is the feather room.
~ ... embellish your evening attire with carrots
~ ... no Mom and Dad, I do have a real job
~ ... I observed, it has something to do with balls.
~ ... shut up slave, pay your taxes
~ ... if it looked like shit, I just gave it a glow.
~ I dropped out of Princeton, because I was really intrigued by garbage.
Okay, all these completely taken out of context are really absurd. But sometimes when you give 27 speakers the mic for 25 minutes, you never know what they will say! More soon on the real heart and inspiration of the conference.

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