Monday, January 14, 2013

promises, promises

2013 holds a lot of hope.
Here are a few of my intentions for the new year.
~ more alone time
~ draw, paint, create
~ make my space WORK!
~ find my unique voice. explore and exploit
~ actually follow through with some of the ideas in my sketchbook
~ use my materials - the one's in my studio that are begging for purpose
~ upcycle and recycle
~ make and save some money
~ make a budget!
~ focus on my work and what I want
~ less social - more media
~ less wondering - more doing
~ refocusing my weight-loss efforts
~ healthier eating
~ making time for work outs
~ start taking my own advice
~ be a leader, an influencer
 I know it's two weeks into the new year ~ but you can't rush these things!
bright beginnings and love sent your way
~ x o x ~