Sunday, February 24, 2013

happy 70th birthday, DAD

My sister had a great idea for my Dad's birthday, all the kids and grandchildren write a few words to describe my Dad and how he has touch our lives. I suggested and created word art with some of the words. The words were created using Adobe Illustrator and outputted an Espon large format printer. I left some of the words as only out lines. Then hand painted them with iridescent water colors. Then I drew the heart on some tracing paper and created a template. Then I had everyone place their fingerprint on the piece. Symbolizing how my father has made such a mark on our hearts. I could totally see something could be made for a teacher, also.
Happy Birthday to a man of integrity and nameless other talents. xoxo

Saturday, February 23, 2013

doodle adventures

The Collage Sisthars were at it again. Last weekend's artistic playdate had us loosing up are tools and stretching creative muscles. Leslie presented the methods for drawing/painting* Creative Creatures a la Carla Sonheim, which challenged us to look at things with a different prespective. We stared at sidewalk cracks, made some watercolor blobs and drew puppy parts in rotating directions, then brought it all together. This loose way of drawing reminded me of finding animals in the clouds. I noticed playing gave character and an expressive quality to my drawings, which I wouldn't have achieved otherwise. I especially liked my arguing owls that seem to appear out of the blob in the upper left. The angle of the pooch on the pad in the front made be a bit giddy. This style of doodling is all about the process, not necessarily the end result. It reminded me of an artist I saw at the HOW Conference a few years ago, Stefan G. Bucher, check out his Daily Monsters from ink spatters. Hey, he even has an app for them!
Have a creative day ~ hope you enjoy the process.

Friday, February 15, 2013

fb hiatus

Hello, my name is Cherylyn, I gave up facebook, kinda like a recovery group. But for me, this means for the next few weeks I will not type the keys that have an evident finger muscle memory of
here’s the scoop {ie. my rules} 

I will be blogging, like now, and my posts are automatically pushed to my c~lyn studio facebook page. So please “like” and share my page with friends, if you haven't already. Advanced thank yous! xo _
I also didn’t realize so much of my social “check-ins” were linked to facebook ~ Foursquare, twitter, instagram. I’ve tweeted check-ins for accountability and self recognition. Which I might do from time to time.

Here's just a little background...
I usually do give up or do something different this time of year. I was raised Catholic. But it’s more than a ritual. I like lent for it’s time frame, it’s a time to reflect on how the year has gone so far, since the lofty resolutions/intentions/promises of the new year., just over a month ago. And recommit. I do believe what I give up or sometimes I put “in” my life (like better eating habits, creating art or exercise, as year’s past) needs to be sacrificial - something I’m almost not even sure if I can do. Kind of a yearly self-inflicted testing my own will power and resourcefulness.

And truly, a facebook hiatus never crossed my mind. Until Tuesday, when a childhood friend (on fb) brought it up - and I thought, I could never do that! I would miss to much. Which seemed addictive ~ enter concern. And as the night progressed I thought of the reasons originally I was on facebook: to promote my business, accountability of my lifestyle changes, accountability for my creating. Keeping up with family and friends. Connections with like minded artists, for community, inspiration and resources. As I was browsing Tuesday night, I realized I was no longer being intentional. So I decided to try not to go on facebook for the season.

I really do appreciate Facebook to be able to keep up with friends, family and fellow artists. But I’m going to try to keep up with them in other ways, possibly even in person. I do believe in social media. email. twitter, sharing and discovering information.
You can definitely find me on twitter {@clynstudio}, instagram, pinterest.
or Comments to my blog! or email me: clynstudio (at)

I anticipate a much needed reopening of my etsy shop, I’ll keep you posted.

Wish me luck and perseverance. I'm never far away. Hope to hear from you soon. ~ xoxo ~ 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy heart day

wishing you a heartful valentine's day.
listening to the moments.