Sunday, May 12, 2013

as you wish

Happy Mother's Day! to all my lovely soul sisters ~ mothers, grandmothers, mom's-to-be and nurturers of hearts. I have always loved Mother's Day ~ handmade gifts, remembering days that I would scrape up a few dollars to get my Mom a rose bush or looking at the soaring River Birch that my sister and I splurge for ~ originally barely a twig ~ that brings wonderful shade in the summertime.
As I was cuddling with my daughter Saturday morning watching Princess Bride. I was thinking, it's an "as you wish..." type holiday.
my perfect day...
} waking up to her giggling in her sleep
} sharing a bowl full of strawberries with my sprite

} watching a movie (just noticed this ambigram)
} creating handmade gifts, like straw-blown trees
} with fingerprint leaves

} a dance recital
- Walking on Sunshine
- You Don't Know You're Beautiful
} reflecting on how much she has grown

} planting
Have a lovely day... as you wish ~ x o x ~