Thursday, July 4, 2013

fraud or firework

I am I fraud...
as a designer.... as an artist.
- I’m not neat
- I don’t follow the rules
- my desk, organized chaos
- My memory of art and design history is marginal at best
- names, places are seldom retained
- teetering on self-destruction
- I don’t keep up with the latest trends

- I don’t create enough

No, I’m real.  Messy.
I am...
- compassionate
- emotional
- try for honest effort in all I do
- I teach what I know
- I influence
- quirky and sometimes a bit off
- I enjoy the process. live for the moment.

I’m my own worst critic. But aren’t most artists? We are hardest on ourselves. We can never spend enough time at our craft. It doesn’t matter if we spent 10 minutes or 10 hours - it’s never enough. But when I stop and listen to others, they see something different. They see I do create everyday, whether it’s creating a fun birthday party with a lifesize game board, sketching ideas for media kit, teaching a PMC class, painting with my daughter or making an healthy dinner.  I try to make the most of my artistic life. With spurts of productive creativity.

Thanks for the reminder Katy Perry, I’m a firework.

Happy Fourth of July!
Be a firework!