Tuesday, September 17, 2013

so long sweet summertime

School starting always reminds of initial conversations with your teacher in grade school “what did you do for summer vacation?” Followed by the blank stare. What did I do?
The time goes so fast. So as the leaves start to wane, the air noticeably cooler... I relish and remember summer...
Fairie gardens and fairie parties. blowing bubbles, relaxing and
nurturing butterflies.

Our first collaborative show and first sale of a collage/painting we created together. Watching my daughter use and learn some techniques I taught her, but being reminded by my budding artist “Momma, you’re not the boss of my art”     
Celebrating family and friends ~ my parent's 50th Anniversary and my oldest niece and nephew on their way to college.

Getting dirty and enjoying roughing it a bit. Seeing Walk Off The Earth and hearing this summer's favorite song, Summertime Vibe. And now the end of summer's song by Lana Del Rey.
Teaching precious metal clay and it’s magical qualities to some talented artists.
A show in one of my favorite places, Three Lakes, WI with the most delightful people.

Really enjoyed my summer. So, what about you?

~ xox ~