Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a new year ~ overwhelmed with gratitude

I’ve always thought of my birthday as a start of the new year, more so than the celebrated New Year. And since there is only so much time in a day, I tend to extend the goodness by doing my favorite things for days.
This year was no different...
but maybe it was...
~ flowers from my garden & fireworks
~ fitness and bike rides
~ birthday bikram : always ending with Namasté
~ countless wishes of happiness
~ friends, family and a bit of silliness
~ music, wonderful company and laughter at Summerfest
~ A bit of culture : Milwaukee Art Museum
~ flights of fancy and favorite foods
~ adventure - Great America... spinning silly with my daughter
~ tiny gifts revealed by the universe
~ undivided time with my daughter : relishing in fleeting childhood
~ teaching : sharing my passion with other creative souls
~ morning message : reminding me that all our talents, gifts and resources are to be cherished... truly pieces of an universal puzzle
~ a good faith gesture : unfinished business might soon be resolved
~ finding frequency and vibration that reaches in and pulls out : my new singing bowl
~ & a fortune that couldn’t be more relevant and feeling it’s truth
Indeed it felt different. When my Mom handed me my sweet birthday card with horoscope inside, I was overwhelmed with gratitude of all kindness I’ve been graced with this week and really all year. More so then ever I feel like things are falling into place. Maybe not totally making sense, but the direction is a bit more clear. A really great start to a new year.
Feeling truly blessed.
Thank you.