Saturday, August 16, 2014

fake currency... open dreams

In general, I've been sleeping poorly. Quite a bit going on in my life right now. This morning I was awake especially early, but didn't want to get up because my daughter will "sense" my presence missing and wake up startled. Today is a big day for her, she needs her sleep. 
So I'm writing in my journal and reading a bit. She turns over, eyes open but looking through me. I tell her it's too early to be up. She protests, "wait, just one second" ... I'm thinking shoot I should have been quieter, now she's up! She holds out her hand. "Can you give me fake money so I can unlock my favorite dream?" I gently put the imaginary currency in her palm, she takes it, holds it up to her head, turns it slightly, "click" and gracefully puts her hand back against her chest. Closes her eyes. Sleep. 
And tears start streaming down my cheeks. This is us, living heARTfully ever after. Taking in every wonderfully imaginary moment.