Wednesday, November 19, 2014

art guitar collaboration ~ community and pride

An interesting set of circumstances and a referral from Tricia of Artistocology has brought me to an opportunity to work a few hours a week with the special needs adults at the Douglas Center as part of their Art from the Heart Program. At the Douglas Center the work program clients create art to sell at various venues. Part of the proceeds go back into the program, but the artist also gets a portion, too. There is a great sense of pride to make money from their sold art pieces. Besides the day to day creating of cards, mosaic mirror and planters, candle holders and jewelry, I’m especially proud of their most recent efforts on a collaboration I initiated and helped design along with artist, Chris Zonta.

I haven’t been here very long but this group has melted my heart. At any given moment you’ll hear a serenade from a client, who never fails to call you “beautiful” or “my friend”. Listening to their good news, helping work out frustration or just receiving a hug ~ very fulfilling.

As we work with some very basic tasks, such as placing paper and tile, gluing deliberately, painting ~ I try to convey simply about elements of design. By using a specific color ways, we create unity. Showing how placement and size create balance and focus.
Each person has their own qualities and personality to add. Working with this group has reminded me to enjoy the process, communicate simply and just relish in the little victories.

This guitar has been tenderly attended to.
From sanding and painting the base coats
to placing the mosaic design on the front 
to the painting mandalas and the collaging the back and sides
Pride has patience has been put into every step. 
Some of the participants are extremely talented, others are enthusiastic but struggle to hold even a paint brush. But each has contributed themselves in the best possible way.

As much as the art guitar has help create pride and collaboration among the clients ~ we are reaching out to the community. This beautiful piece of art was just unveiled at the Holiday Show at the Liquid Lounge and this weekend will be visiting Ivy’s at 5419 W. Devon Avenue in Chicago, IL 
{UPDATE:Bidding is over}
Place a bid to owning a heARTful piece and give back to this wonderful group!

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Unknown said...

Your time with us has been a blessing, Cherylyn! It's a joy working with you.
Chris Z.